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Gondang Turing

Commissioned by Kevin Silalahi to design the visual identity for Gondang Turing, a music project that marries traditional Batak music with electronic sounds. I was inspired by this combination and wanted to take that concept through visually, by looking to traditional Batak artefacts through an electronic lens. I was also commissioned to create a sculpture as a centrepiece for an exhibition and a zine for distribution.

I looked to:

--  the Ulos: a traditional Batak textile, to create textural interest

--  Pustahas, a sculptural, traditional concertina-fold Batak book as a    

     predecessor to DIY bookmaking practices like creating zines

--  Batak script and explored language making and the connection

     between sound and shapes

You can learn more about my process here.

The distributed zine is accompanied by 4 postcards and a a private Bandcamp code to claim. Feel free to contact me if you would like a copy!


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